Master Plumber Lic#12899
Plumbing Corp. Lic#2783
Master Sheetmetal Lic#4160
5 Shaw St.
Mattapoisett, MA 02739

Middleboro, MA
This project included an almost totally new HVAC system.  We installed 2 new zones of air conditioning with the Unico high velocity small duct system.  We also install the optional hot water coil into the first floor unit.  This meant the owner doesn't have to look at those ugly baseboard heaters any more because the first floor is heated with warm air.  The owner than converted his old boiler from oil heat to clean natural gas with a Navien combi-boiler that doesn't just heat the house but it also handles the domestic hot water for the house.  And for the area of the house that was impossible to get to with standard A/C systems we install a Friedrich mini-split system to cool the family room.  Last but not least, shoes will not be required  in the kitchen this winter, with a new zone of radiant heat to keep those tiles warm all winter long!!!!!!